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As the aircraft speedily floated downwards to touch the ground, Khushi stared outside seeing nothing, clutching the armrests of her first-class window seat with dear life. When, after an eternity, her flight landed on the airstrip with a muted thud and a slight jerk to her person, she sagged back in relief. Thanking God for landing safely, she instinctively turned her head to check on her brother.

He was smiling at her from across the aisle, shaking his head. He always found her fear of flying amusing. Khushi grinned back trying to hide her unease. He did not know that while she hated flying, she hated airports more. The temperature outside is in high 30 degrees. Local time is pm. Please remain seated till the seatbelt sign is on. Electronic devices can be switched on.

ipkknd ff wattpad

Passengers with connecting flight- all other flights are on schedule. Have a safe journey ahead. Passengers with Mumbai as their final destination can find baggage claim information at the gate.

Thank you for flying with American Airlines. People got up and moving as soon as the seatbelt sign turned off, retrieving their hand luggage from under the consoles. Air hostesses started flittering around helping them. Khushi noticed the American air hostess who was subtly trying to flirt with her brother throughout the flight, batting her eyelashes at him again. Wryly, Khushi wondered how she would react if she were told that the handsome six feet tall, fair, aristocratic and lithe looking first class passenger, whose attention she was trying to grab is not a wealthy businessman or an Indian actor, but the heir to the most powerful mafia empire of the Indian subcontinent.

Third generation criminal blood. Not very pleasantlyshe was sure. It was altogether a different thing that Akash Ranjan Vaghela, her elder brother and stand-in father cum mother, was busy with his Blackberry and paid no heed to the simpering woman.

Khushi smiled in approval. Her brother was getting married soon and she expected nothing less than complete loyalty from him towards her would be sister-in-law, Natasha. Khushi stood up stretching, brushed her long thick ponytail with her fingers, smoothed her leggings and oversized topper. She liked to dress comfortable for long flights, except for her gravity-defying designer footwear to compensate for her short 5 feet 2 inches frame. That, she could wear to bed. She nodded and extended her duffle bag to him, keeping her purse with herself.

Now starts the humiliation, Khushi sighed as they filed in the line towards the exit. And sure enough, there stood two airport security people, staring at them directly, openly singling them out from the crowd.

Akash Ranjan Vaghela flying international always stirred up security at airports, regardless of the country.

She knew the drill by heart now. While everyone turned right towards the immigration counter, they turned left and followed the two men. After a short walk, they entered a huge room with an exclusive security post and sharp looking airport staff waiting behind the counter. Khushi made a move towards the cluster of plastic chairs in the corner. They will make them wait unnecessarily, trying to drive the point that Vaghelas or not, the law can detain them if it bloody wishes.

Then they will bring in their luggage and turn it upside down in front of them like they are fools who will fly with a stash of drugs or illegal arms. Others will check their passports and documents for fraudulence from every which angle. Again, as if they are fools who would fly internationally with fake documents.

Question them on some occasions.Please comment on the post! Teaser for next chapter! Bonus chapter! Not posted earlier!

New Update! Hope you guys will like it. These are new updates not updated in FB earlier! What say guys? New scenes and dialogues are added!

New scenes and dialogues will be added. I forgot to post earlier! Btw I'm adding new scenes. Hi guys, I have joined Twitter. I'm posting previous parts so that I can post new chapters in wattpad itself. Take a look people and vote it. I'm juggling for months now to continue my stories and somehow it's just not happening. So I thought joining new … More platform may evoke motivations in me and get back my mind on track again.

I will post my previous works in wattpad along with new ones with few changes if I find that necessary. Once I start posting I will share here too. Trust me Wattpad is easy to manage for both readers and writers. Do pray for me guys.

ArShi FF | Best Laid Plans | IPKKND FF | Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon FF

I will continue posting here once I'm back and that will be after next week. I will end unlocking desire as it has been prolonged since long coz the way I thought it … More didn't turn out like that. Hence, I continue delaying it but not anymore. But marrying the heartless may exceed 20 chapters. It has many layers which seems hard to explore within 20 chapters. Well let's see. Apart from these, I haven't thought anymore stories yet.

OS – Hot Stuff

First, I want to finish these 3 then think of rest. Which is annoying for both me and readers too. That's all for today.

Arnav, Khushi, funny song(Radio)😂...... IPKKND

See you all after next week. Take care guys. I have no more pending requests. All are either accepted or deleted. I have added those who text me after giving a thought to their reasons. Then why not give chance to all readers including silent readers.The new restaurant had bookings for the first six weeks all tables were fully booked. This was the sister restaurant of the exceptionally successful restaurant in Mumbai.

Hot Stuff was renound for its food ,service and entertainment. She has placed her personal email at the bottom. Khushi knew that the mail would be read by staff first before it got to ASR. She had put enough information in the email to make sure that it got to Arnav.

Arnav was stunned when he saw the email from Khushi. She had disappeared out of his life eight years ago6 months after marriage. No one heard from her or had seen hernow 8 years on an email requesting a response. Arnav sent an email advising Khushi that it was him. Khushi responde could she have a meeting with him. They had actually met earlier in the week at the Oberoi.

Arnav I need your help and supportunquestioningly and fully and without recriminations. For once just listen and stop being judgmental. It has taken a lot of courage and effort for me to have this conversation with you so please give me a chance. When i left it was after the Sham fiasco. You believed I had an affair with him.

I never had an affair with Shamthere was only one man in my life at that time and that was you. Thereafter the conversation exploded, it was a long time later when Arnav was calmer that he realised that he had a son 7 years old, Arron whom he had never met. Khushi explained that she would be around Dehli for the next 2 weeks then she would be gone. Where ever you are the most comfortable? He felt his heart beating in his chest about to explode.From the moment he saw her, he was captivated by her.

She was also drawn to him. But would their love story be complete? That she loved him completely, there was no question but did the Maharaja love her enough to honor that love? He did what generations before him had done; bring in the differences between their class?

Will she forgive him the great dishonour and casual cruelty his actions subjected her to? Will he win her over? Did he love her enough to try to do that? Hello everyone. It's me; Chinky. This is my first time posting on IF and I need your feedback to help me continue. I cannot promise daily updates; instead will try to update twice a week but once I start, I'll definitely carry the story to completion.

But for that I need your kind support. Furthermore, this story is different; set in 's and dealing with royalty and Rajasthan and banjaara's. I don't know much about them and as usual am too lazy to research but I'll try my best. If I offend anyone with my imagination as I realize that we all have different perceptions of Arshi in our hearts, please forgive me. This is an attempt of mine to place them in different circumstances and to push my own literary abilities so please bear with me.

This story will also be wild and passionate and push the boundaries a bit but it will never be vulgar or crude. I'll be posting the first chapter in a day or so after this introduction.

The uniformed doorman stood ready to open the door of the sleek car that pulled up in the main entrance of Devgarh Palace, Rajasthan. Just beyond the doorway, a little inside the house stood the Raajmata of the Raizada royal family, Rani Devyani Raizada, her daughter in law, Rani Mamta Raizada and the princess of the family, Raajkumari Anjali, all ready to welcome the Maharaja Saheb and the young head of their family Arnav Singh Raizada.

The elegant car drew up and the doorman smartly opened the door and bowed. An elegantly shod foot emerged followed by the sleek head of its owner as he stepped out fluidly and gracefully. His lean form in a black 3 piece suit, the black hair combed precisely, the caramel eyes cool and remote, his perfect aristocratic features set unsmilingly in his chiselled face, 27 years old Maharaja Arnav Singh Raizada was a stunning example of elegant masculinity that was a result of his pure blue blooded ancestry.

The blood of generations of kings flowed in his veins. Arnav nodded politely in response and strode up the few steps to the entrance where his sister waited with a pooja thali. His eyes flickered impatiently at this meaningless ritual but he held his patience and stood quietly while Anjali did his arti.Post a Comment. Story Name. Wooing Ms. The Murderer of Aarav Singh Raizada.

Words Unsaid. Unforgivable Mistakes. Raizada Chaos. Broken Strings : Season 2. The Ghostly Girl. This Is It. Broken Strings. A Change. Author Name: Nickysweet. Desire to make you mine. Cursed in love. That one mistake — Season 2. That one mistake — Season 1. Bepanhaa ishq. Pyaar aur dhoka. Destroyed- Season 2.It had been so longshe had missed him the passionthe companionship ,the laughterthe tearsthe passionthe stirrings of passion. Two people lost in each other. His hands were under her top her breasts had his undivided attention.

She felt as though her body was on fire a wetness between her legs and a warmth spread through her body. Arnav squeezed his head was locked firmly in place sucking like a greedy man who had discovered an oasis in a dessert. There were exquisite little bombs of feeling all over her body spine tingling just tipping her over the edge but not quite.

ipkknd ff wattpad

Khushis hands flew through Arnavs hair pulling his head closer. Her breaths were short ,sharp and ragged. She was lost as her hips bucked towards him wetter ,hotter. His head slipped lower and lower till he could taste her nectar of the gods. His tongue flicked probed playing scoopinghe heard her breath catch as his tongue wnet from bottom to top and over the tip.

Arnav held her hips down as they bucked wildly completely lost in time. Then slowly letting the rhythm build they rode wave after wave of passion till both lay spent and exhausted. Khushis hands on his butt cheeks holding them as hard as she could towards her. Both lay there naked exhausted wet. Wet from passion spentwet from exhaustion. Passion continued uninterrupted 3 times that nightwhat was the man on Khushi thought but she met as an equal each time wanting more.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Links will only be provided for stories posted directly by the writer. Please respect that. No, I will not put a maturity rating for each story. Censorship was and is my biggest issue with IF. Hey anybody here follow vanhi ffs she is going to restart the in love with you? Like Liked by 4 people.

Like Liked by 2 people. Came across the index recently… Can you please mail me the password to view it?? I am really in need of some amazing fiction!!! Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person. Hey why the writers index is protected can u plz email me the password to kapoorsoniya gmail.

Love interrupted by lazy leaves!! Love the family in it especially Payal. Hey, Just came across this site. Iam really happy u have created this site. My life had changed a lot after the ipkknd and after many years only I found about fan fictions. U have saved ur time to create it to give some good ff to people.

Welcome to the ficverse sina! FFs have saved my sanity after the utter disappointment of the show. Hey, I had come across by some wonderful ffs Devil in love When dreams become nightmares You are my new dream ongoing Something about you Arranged marriage Mirage. Thanks sweetie. These two are new to me: When dreams become nightmares You are my new dream ongoing Shall check them out! It is one OS deserving loads of accolades for the beautiful narration, perfect portrayal of emotions and making one of the most magical moments of IPK perfect in her own way.

Please do include it in your lists. These are my favourites among her work. Like Liked by 3 people. Do give it a read. The Valiant Knight — deepthiya. This one is a bit harsh and I think it has a sad ending so yeah.

ipkknd ff wattpad

TVK writer : If you are allergic to tears, sadness, loneliness and emotional outbursts, I am sorry to advice you to not to read further. Hope I am not late! Lazy leaves has 3 of her stories reposted and one complete recently.

IPKKND - Arshi - One Shots

Thank you for the heads up sweetie. Arnav being on swayamwar and khushi is one of the unwilling contestant. Indeed she is a wonderful writer…i have read Dusky Havens. Arnav and Khushi in West was beautiful.

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