Mercedes audio upgrade

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What we realized early on in the conversation was the client was looking for what we call our Modern Connectivity Package. Essentially, this takes a vehicle with a little bit of age and gives it connectivity to smartphones, digital media, satellite radio and HD radio. She liked our ideas, and we set an installation appointment. The hub of the upgrades for this vehicle was a Kenwood Excelon navigation unit.

We chose this unit because it gave the customer all of the modern connectivity functions he would normally have in a new vehicle. He gained Bluetooth for both hands-free calling and music streaming. He owned an iPod with an extensive music collection, so we gave him control over that as well.

mercedes audio upgrade

Adding SiriusXM Radio and HD radio gave him a much larger selection of radio stations that now sound noticeably better than traditional, analog FM radio. Turn-by-turn navigation with real-time traffic rerouting is an integral part of the Excelon unit, so now the client sees a vastly superior upgrade over the existing navigation unit in the dash. Choosing the unit to use in the dash was the easy part in this build.

The challenges began with getting it to look factory-installed and integrating it with the Mercedes controls. In many vehicles, there are interface adapters to allow you to change the radio in a vehicle and work with the factory-installed amplifier. That is not the case in this particular Mercedes. It came with the Bose Audio system and used a fiber optic network known as a MOST system, and there is no interface made for this system. But here at JML Audio, we love challenges!

By our doing this, the client lost none of the already-precious cargo space. It also makes servicing the equipment easier, should the need ever arise. The Audison Bit10 processor is a unique device in that it gives you the ability to fine-tune every speaker with individual equalizers, crossovers and time delay for every channel. In the hands of a skilled tuner, the results can be amazing. For this build, we chose to keep the factory-installed Bose speakers; by adding the Audison processor, we were able to extract every last ounce of sound quality possible out of these speakers.

Should the client ever decide he wants to change out the factory speakers with some better-quality aftermarket ones from us, we will simply go back in and re-tune the Bit10 for the new speakers.

When it came time to mount the Kenwood navigation system in the dash, the install became even more challenging. No one makes a quality installation kit for this vehicle that would make the new stereo system look good in the dash, so the team at JML Audio got to work on custom-fabricating a dash panel.

In some vehicles, we can make a custom dash panel in a matter of a few hours. Not in this one. If you look closely at the pictures, you will see that the dash is rounded from left to right. To look factory, our dash plate had to match that curvature.

We spent hours and hours on hand-forming the dash panel until we got everything to flow perfectly. To make things even more interesting, the cup holders in the vehicle were below the original navigation unit.After spending some time on discussing options with her, we decided that the factory-installed speakers and amp sounded just fine to her, and she mainly wanted modern technology like Bluetoothnavigation and a backup camera. One of the tricky parts of modern Mercedes vehicles is that most of the audio systems use a fiber optic cable to send information through the vehicle.

Thankfully, we deal with a company called NavTV that makes a perfect interface to tie in the factory system, without having to change out anything else. It plugs right in line with the OEM fiber optic signal, keeping the existing amplifier and speakers intact. The OEM-style mount Rydeen camera on the back blends in seamlessly, just like it came that way from the factory.

She was thrilled with the overall look and host of new features that the new, upgraded stereo system gave her. Check out either of our Richmond-area locations in Mechanicsville or Midlothian. It definitely worked with the steering wheel controls. We used a PAC swi-cp5 on this particular Mercedes. I would have your company install this but I am located in Central Kentucky. That looks amazing. What was the total cost? Do you know where I can get this done in Southern California?

Where can this installation be done in the Macon, GA area? Hope this helps. We wound up getting the NX, and my wife loves how it interfaces with her phone. Thanks for the assistance. The closest I know is ironically named Eurocar. Dan Ungaro at Soundscapes would be a great choice, although they have moved towards more custom install recently. I have a SLK and am looking to do the same thing to mine. That came from NavTV, they vary a bit from system to system.

Joe knows me, so if he has any questions he can give me a call.

mercedes audio upgrade

Any recommendations for the Panama City, FL area? Upgrading the stereo with blue tooth and back up camera is the next thing on our list. I think your phone may have miss-translated, what model do you have? Also, are you in the Richmond, VA area? SLK I could be convinced to eat oysters in Richmond.A client from Gainesville came to Sound Depot and Performance with his Mercedes c, looking to upgrade his sound system. Our team sat in the vehicle with the client and listened to his stereo system.

We asked him what he liked, and what he wanted it to do better. At that point, we came back into the showroom and listened to some equipment with him. Once we gathered all of our information, we worked up a proposal for the client which he liked, so we scheduled an installation appointment for him. Our technicians begin every job by protecting the interior of the vehicles with seat covers and protective tape. What we realized early on in our discussions was that the client was OK with the sound of the stereo, but wanted more volume and some real bass.

It gave the client an honest watts of power to the front speakers, where he only had about 40 in the beginning. What that meant was pretty simple. A song comes on that he really likes, so he turns it up. The music then sounds strained because he runs out of power quickly. The JL Audio enclosure was a perfect fit in this Mercedes trunk. Adding the amplifier solved all of that. This enclosure houses a 10W3 subwoofer in a patented, ported enclosure that sounds incredible.

The output and detail from this subwoofer will leave you smiling all day long. The JL Audio amplifier sends watts of power to the sub, so when the client wants to jam, he has all the power he needs.

A Mercedes has a very sophisticated electrical system, so you want to make sure your installer understand these European vehicles. Our team has some of the finest installers in the southeast, so we are up to the challenge.

We used an AudioControl LC2i to interface the amplifier to the stock stereo system, and we hid a bass level control knob in a convenient spot in the lower dash panel.

That gives the client an easy way to adjust the amount of bass in his music. The amplifier and processor were neatly mounted to a custom mounting plate in the floor of the trunk. We made a simple but clean amp rack underneath the trunk load floor to mount securely the amplifier and the processor, and keep them hidden from view.

We neatly loomed and secured all of our wiring to allow for easy servicing in the future. For the finishing touch, we tinted the windows in this vehicle with our 3M window film. When the client came to pick up his vehicle, he loved the improvement in sound quality. As he turned up the volume, the smile on his face just kept getting bigger and bigger. And when we pointed out the different parts of the installation, he marveled at the clean, finished look.

When you are in the market to upgrade your audio system or have your windows tinted, we invite you to stop by Sound Depot and Performance in Gainesville or contact us HERE.

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Mercedes E Class Audio Upgrade

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Would you rather have enough money to buy a house, a sports car, or a speed boat?

A difficult dilemma, we know. For the price of a Burmester separates system you could probably afford one of the above, if not all three. Alternatively, you can get a taste of Burmester for a fraction of the price if you happen to be contemplating a shiny new Mercedes-Benz. The C-Class system gets 13 speakers, a nine-channel amplifier and watts 7x50W, 2xW of power as standard. The drivers are positioned behind attractive speaker grilles etched with the Burmester logo.

The tech uses the driver and passenger footwells as acoustic horns to boost sound pressure. How it works, the apps, cars, features. The Premium Plus Package automatically upgrades you to Mercedes' Comand Online System, which combines sat-nav, infotainment and online connectivity. All the action happens through the high-resolution display which protrudes a little awkwardly from the middle of the dashboard. A touchpad and scroll-wheel pairing on the centre console is your main point contact with the system.

It looks like something you could use to parallel park the USS Enterprise and although it looks relatively interesting compared to some rival systems, it feels over-engineered and overly fussy in use.

The pad uses a touch-sensitive surface combined with buttons for navigating the audio and telephone menus and accessing any favourite channels stored on the system. It responds to both single and two-finger gestures. You can swipe up to show menus, and alter volume by spinning two fingers clockwise or anti-clockwise. Besides these general tone controls, the system can also create virtual surround sound from any source.


Turn it on and you notice a subtle lift in the soundstage from the top of the dashboard to higher up the windscreen, just past ear height. The soundfield gains greater depth and spaciousness in which instruments and vocals sit.

The trade-off is a slight loss of focus and solidity, but we'd happily listen to either, with some tracks actually suiting the extra surround processing. You can also alter the balance of sound in the car depending on the number of people present. The system can be set to spread sound evenly through the car, or can be focused purely on the front or rear. The Burmester system sounds pretty balanced from the off.

From the moment the piano springs into life and the bassline drops, the Burmester system is on the front foot. Lows are less agile and more ponderous so they have a habit of tripping up the rhythm of the music.

In the grand scheme of in-car audio options, ticking the Burmester box makes a lot of sense. It might not represent quite the same level of value as Dynaudio's Excite package for the Volkswagen Golfbut it does come with a host of additional features for the car.

What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Two full-range parcel shelf speakers and two woofers complete the speaker ensemble. How it works, the apps, cars, features Controls The Premium Plus Package automatically upgrades you to Mercedes' Comand Online System, which combines sat-nav, infotainment and online connectivity.

The Mercedes system delivers an airy, spacious soundfield, where vocals are heard crystal clear.The 8-inch This allows navigation maps to be displayed in stunning detail, while movies or video clips become a real cinematic experience.

It also contributes to driving safety: navigation map details are easier to see and destination input keys appear larger and are easier to operate.

DAB also offers many other advantages over traditional FM radio: select from a much wider range of radio DAB exclusive radio stations and after an initial station scan you can easily select your desired channels from an alphabetic and genre list of available stations. The XD is fully compatible with the V-Class and Sprinter steering wheel control buttons and the multi-information display in the instrument cluster to maintain all important vehicle functions.

A very intuitive user interface makes it very easy to operate and also includes a speed dial function for the most frequently called numbers. Outstanding Sound Quality Alpine is known worldwide for excellent sound quality. The system also offers many sound adjustment functions such as digital time correction and professional equalisation to allow users to adjust the system to their own preferences.

You can also connect your iPod or iPhone to enjoy your video content on the large 8-inch display. Top view: convenient for precise reversing, for example to hook up a trailer. The optional rear-view camera automatically activates when reversing and also mutes the audio so you can hear the parking sensor signals. You not only have a clear view to the rear, you can also see useful distance guides that can be programmed to exactly match the measurements of the Vito or Sprinter for easier parking.

You have a choice of four viewing modes.

Esatto CDS – Mercedes Car Audio upgrade

Multi-view splits the screen so you have a clearer view of both left and right behind the car. Top view is very convenient when backing up to hook up a trailer, enabling you to get within centimetres of the trailer. Audio 10 Audio Large input keys on the huge 8 inch screen allows fast and simple operation. Multi-view: split screen provides sharp images of left and right rear.In that case, a GPS navigation system can be much helpful.

Please keep all the separate parts from the car. Please take great care of the dashboard to avoid scratching it during its detachment and installation. Please keep handy any parts from the car and make use of all the original screws from the car as much as possible.

The Burmester sound system in the new S-Class.

Open the little box beneath the radio and remove the screws with a screwdriver. Pry the trim panel on the right side of the box with a removal tool, after that, remove it. Pry the leather surrounding the brake, then pull it up, at last, remove it. If everything works well, then install all the screws, boxes and trim panels accordingly into their original places.

If not, check carefully whether all the cables are connected or not. Or you can also directly have a professional install it.

mercedes audio upgrade

It comes with the latest features and capabilities for you to upgrade your factory radio. For more details, you can click:. Its sound quality is quite high. Besides, you can simply pair with your compatible mobile phone with this unit for hands-free calls and music streaming.

Just take it as your wonderful road companion! Will bluetooth work with Samsung galaxy note 8? Will all car speakers be connected? Where to order from? Is unit shipped to USA from overseas? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Uncategorized 3.If you are not from the Abbotsford area we are unable to assist you with this product.

We are not setup for internet sales or support. I would advise you to contact a quality car stereo retailer in your area and they can assist you with your Mercedes. Thank you. All without the added expense of changing amplifiers and speakers! We can even add a backup camera to your Mercedes Benz. T network. With our module, the replacement cost is drastically reduced. This provides the vehicle owner updated features such as Apple Car Play, Android Auto, updated Bluetooth with dual phone support and more.

mercedes audio upgrade

The interface works on the M. Typically if you were to remove a factory Mercedes radio to add an aftermarket radio you would also need to replace the speakers and amplifier. This creates a more expensive install. Specifically, how tightly will your rig integrate the Parrot Asteriod Smart with my W Vito, including steering wheel controls, build-in telephone mics, etc.

Hi Sam, Unfortunately the Vito uses a different protocol, so the interface will not work with that at the moment. I want Pioneer Avic installed would this module work on it. Hi Robin, The GL is not supported. To replace the radio you would need to replace the stock amplifier as well. I have a E so your product will work in my car. The problem is that I am in the US. Must the work be done in Canada?

Perhaps you ship the unit and a mechanic could install it? Hi Joan. I can see if I know someone close to you that can assist you. Please send us your city, state and zip code use our contact form to keep your information private. How much is this part? Do you offer it to other installers? Hi Shawn, we can now do most ML vehicles. Please come see us at Clearbrook Rd in Abbotsford with yours so we can go over the options with you.

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